A New Take on Cubism

Feliks Zemdegs of Australia currently holds the world record for the fastest time solving a Rubik's Cube - 5.66 seconds - yes, SECONDS! In addition, the best known algorithm for solving the cube needs only 20 face turns. In fact, it is said that the Rubik's Cube has approximately 519,024,039,293,878,272,000 (~five hundred nineteen quintillion) possible arrangements.

This is exactly the type of challenge I am drawn to resolve.

Design and programming are very much like a giant Rubik's Cube. Every project has any number of possible solutions, but only a small handful of those solutions are actually useful and creative enough to draw in potential clients.

I may not be able to solve a Rubik's Cube in 5.66 seconds (at least not yet) but I am confident in my ability to program and design in a manner that is just as efficient and so much more creative.

I invite you to browse through my portfolio which includes samples of my work. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Web, Interactive, iOS, Flash, HTML5, JQuery, Objective C, AJAX, Actionscript, etc.

All the above are words people throw around these days to try to describe their “expertise” in design and programming. I say "let my work speak for itself".

Browse my portfolio and let my experience and my work showcase my talents. If that isn't enough, you can always ask my mom.